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David Musikanth

I have been training with Wiehann for a number of years now. On top of being very insightful and knowledgeable, he is effortlessly personable and makes every workout session different, challenging and rewarding. He always pushes me further towards my goals but never forces me past an unrealistic level. What impresses me most about Wiehann over other trainers I have tried is he’s the ability to know my muscle ability within the first sessions and know exactly what weights to use and where to go from there. He has a special understanding of how to target certain muscles and is precise on form and pinpointing specific muscle activation. In working with Wiehann in the last few months, I have yet to acquire an injury from strength training and am very satisfied with my progress. In fact, I have reached many of my goals and we have made new ones together. He is the best trainer I’ve worked with yet and I won’t be leaving him any time soon.